Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gone Visiting

This morning, my husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, before church. As we talked, someone came and rang our doorbell. We both looked at each other, because we never have company on Sunday mornings. My husband answered the door and a lady with three kids asked us if we had chickens. My husband said yes.

She then explained one of our chickens had been "crying" for 30 minutes in an alley and her children had found her. They had been playing with her and watching over her as she foraged. Little did we know, as the nice lady and kids were talking to us, our friendly chicken (Checkers) went visiting another neighbor.

The other neighbor and her husband had been working in their yard. They went into their house to get a drink, leaving their door open. The next thing they knew, Checkers was in the house, foraging in the house plants. 

My husband went with the lady and children to find Checkers and found her at the house. My husband picked her up thanking our neighbors for their help. As he was holding her, she must have been one tired chicken, because she fell asleep in my husband's arms.

Our friendly, visiting Checkers. 

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