Thursday, November 3, 2011

Custom Chicken House

We're on the homeward stretch with our new chicken house. It's going to be amazing. More new nest boxes, roosts with a window view, separate duck entrance and a garden on the roof. My husband drew up the plans and is building it all because he loves me! I have the greatest husband.

Just to give you an idea of our progress I took several pictures, and if you are interested in seeing other projects we are still building you can view them here.

Chicken house under Cherry Tree.
Outside view of nest boxes and window fan.  
Hardware to keep chicken nest box closed. 
Hook to keep chicken nest box door open for cleaning and gathering eggs.  
Open nest boxes.  
Roosts with a window view.  
Nest boxes ready to use. 
Nest boxes to be finished. 
Checkers looking over the new nest boxes.
Duck entrance being used by a chicken. 

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