Saturday, November 12, 2011

Speaking Southern Out West

I've lived out west for almost six years now. It has been a challenge for me to get used to a different manner of speaking. In the south, we have short, to-the-point conversations. In the west, conversations are longer and less direct. Neither way of speaking is bad, just different.

I went to the local cowboy, tack and feed store in town. I needed my Layena Crumble for my girls. Imagine my surprise when I met someone else, who spoke "Southern".

I had a normal western conversation with the girl at the register. Taking my receipt I handed it to the guy who loads the food. I noted he was outside with a pink bag hanging over his shoulder.

He said, "Layena?"
I said, "Yes. Is that Layena Crumbles?"
He said, "Yep."
I said, "The bag is different, it's usually blue, this one is pink."
He said "Breast Cancer."
I said, "thanks", after he loaded my food.
He said, "Have a good day."

'nough said!

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