Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rockett Update

03-09-11 Quick update on Rockett.
Rockett is doing well. Her wound is dry and the edges are shrinking in. She is eating and drinking. She even laid an egg today. Her temperament is sweet and friendly, every time we check on her she coos at us. I'll try to provide a daily update on her condition.

03-15-11 Rockett still has an open wound. It is shrinking and remains free of infection. We have been letting her out in our garden and barbeque area, away from the other fowl,  for a few hours every day. She is not laying any eggs right now, my husband believes it's because of all the rain. (In fact none of the chickens have laid eggs in the last few days since it has been raining.) We plan on keeping her in the house until she is healed.

Rockett trying to jump on my husband's lap. 
She is quite comical. In the middle of the night if we go into the bathroom she wakes up and softly clucks, to let us know we are disturbing her. She must not be to disturbed too much though, because she always manages to eat a few bites before she nods back off to sleep.

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