Monday, June 20, 2011


Rockett our chicken was injured by our male duck a while back. You can read about the incident here. She  is doing well despite not growing all her feathers back. It has been surprised me how fast she healed.

Here are a few of the most recent pics of her and her injury site. 

My husband Ted and Rockett. 
Rockett, her favorite pasttime eating.
Rockett and her sister Twin 1.  
Injury site, intact no feathers. 


Living in town, we have to be considerate of our neighbors. We try to keep our animal areas clean to keep down the odor and flies and try to choose animals that don't make loud noise.

Unfortunately sometimes when buying chicks you end up with roosters. Roosters are very loud. Not a good thing when you have close neighbors. We found we had two, which we promptly gave away. 

It was hard for me to give them away. They were only babies yet, not even three months old. One was a White Crested Polish and the other a Brahma. The Brahma was large for his age and the Polish was small.  They're living now on a Menonite farm with lots of chickens to chase after. 

White Crested Polish 
The only problem now is, I still have a rooster. I hear him crowing as I open the door of the chicken house but he stops when the door is open. I haven't caught him in his crowing act yet. But as soon as I do off to the Menonite Farm he goes. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The babies are growing up

Our baby chicks are growing up. They're no longer the small, easy to catch and pick up little chicks. They're about two and a half months old now. We moved them into the chicken house with the adults to make room for our other babies. You can see their first baby pictures here and here.

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