Thursday, April 28, 2011

We did it again

We're out of grass hay, which we use in our rabbit hutch and chicken house for bedding and nest boxes. Not wanting to waste gas, I called the local feed/farm store to see if they had any. They didn't; not being able to help myself, I had to ask about chicks. The store clerk said, "We have Araucana and Leghorn chicks in."

Down to the store I went; (Never mind, I have 25 other chicks being sent from Cackle Hatchery May 4th, four full grown chickens, eight chicks from two weeks ago and I live on a city lot.) I asked my husband how many chicks I could get and he said six. I intended to get four Araucanas and two Leghorns. Most of the chicks were sold from yesterday's shipment, except three Leghorns and about 12 Aracuanas. Seeing there was only the three Leghorns I just couldn't take only two Leghorns leaving the one; so, we ended up with seven new chicks. They are adorable!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! We plan on getting some chicks when the weather warms up.


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