Friday, July 22, 2011


We've had Araucana Chickens as long as we had chickens. They're beautiful birds splashed in colors of gold, brown and black feathers. They're very mild-tempered birds. They are nicknamed Easter Eggers because of the color of their eggs; blue, green, pink or yellow.

Araucana Chick
Araucana Hen (Our Oldest Bird, Goldie)
Araucana Hen (Our Second Oldest, Araucana #1)
Little did I know Araucanas are not only brown, gold and black but also white and black. The last batch of Araucanas chicks we purchased had one who grew up to be black and white. I thought, "how strange" and googled Black and White Araucanas. I found out my bird was not uncommon and was called a Splash. How fun to learn something new.

Our little girl Splash. 

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