Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working Hard

We've been diligently working on the new chicken house attempting to get the chickens in this weekend. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, it snowed, and my husband became sick. At least it's about 85% of the way complete. A few more boards on the inside, a separate door for the turkey and duck, the door for us, the door for the vent, plus the staining is all that is left.

Side facing house. 
Side facing back fence.
Window by roosts and duck and turkey door in bottom right corner.
Roosts with window view. 
Nest boxes, still need railings for chickens to jump onto, to get to boxes. 
Nest boxes with railings on other side. 
Checking out the new boxes. 
Turkey and chickens enjoying their future home. 
My husband has been taking apart the old chicken house to reuse pieces of it. This unfortunately has left a place where critters can dig at night and gain access to the chickens. I had to place bricks in the hole and place a cement block on top to ensure the birds safety.

The hole. I found scratch marks around it. 
Filled in with bricks 
Covered with cement block.
Hopefully this will stop the neighborhood critters from trying to get a chicken dinner,  while the chickens and our family sleeps.

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