Monday, August 8, 2011

Chicken Trap

Recently, our Little Blue got stuck between a pile of lumber and the fence. I thought it was because she was dumb. Well, we either have another dumb chicken or a chicken trap that needs a better fix (we thought we had fixed it already).

My husband and I were out in the yard working. I walked into the chicken yard and just happened to look at the fence and saw another chicken caught. It was anxiously walking back and forth trying to get out. I quickly called for my husband and showed him what happened again. He went to move the lumber making an opening for the the chicken to get out. Instead of coming out, it went in the other direction out of fear (or stupidity). My husband ended up having to take a piece of lumber to block it from the other end coaxing it back in the right direction.

It was a such a happy chicken being free again. I was a happy chicken owner knowing my little bird was safe.

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