Monday, September 19, 2011

Beauty Queen

We have 37 chickens now. Eight different breeds. The prettiest one of the bunch is my Brahma. She has gold and black feathers. She even has feathers on her legs and feet. We had another Brahma but it ended up being a rooster and we gave him a way.

Our Brahma chicken gave me a surprise the other day. She is normally timid and quiet. But this particular day she was different. I was in the chicken yard cleaning and visiting my birds when my "Beauty Queen" decided to be a little friendlier. She was only about three feet away and jumped up on one of the feeders to pose for me. She would pose, wait for me to snap a picture, then pose showing a different side. She did a complete circle as I snapped each shot and even faced me when she was on the ground.

Left Side.
Rear View.

Right Side.

Front View, with a tilt. 

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