Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cabbage Heads

I like giving our chickens different things to eat. They get their laying mash, scratch and oyster shells on a regular basis. Other foods they get as treats are macaroni and cheese, lettuce, potato chips, popcorn, bread and chicken carcasses to peck.

Today I wanted to try something different. I cut up a head of cabbage and scattered it throughout the chicken pen. The ducks, especially Maxine, liked the cabbage. My hen, Little Red, ate several pieces. She usually eats whatever is thrown out there because she doesn't want to miss anything.

Maxine with the big piece of cabbage said "Yummy!"
Little Red gobbling up cabbage, as #1 wonders why red is eating it.
Goldie and #1 tried the cabbage but weren't impressed. Twin 1 and Rockett (Twin 2) wouldn't even come out of the coop to check on the treat. All the chickens and ducks normally come to me when I call "here buck, buck" (our chickens' clucking sounds like "buck, buck") because they know I have treats. Our cat, Prince, who is always looking for a treat, even came running when he heard me call.

Tail end of Little Red, Goldie and #1, not impressed with the cabbage.  
Rockett, "You expect me to get down from my perch?"
"I'm fine right here were I am!" says Twin 1
Prince, "Where's the treat?"
What treats do you give your chickens?

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