Friday, March 18, 2011

Update on Rockett

Rockett is is improving quickly. We were talking about putting her back in the coop this weekend. The only problem is we are predicated to get 23.9" of snow.  I personally don't want to put her out until the weather clears.

 We have been taking her out daily in our backyard Barbecue area. This has allowed her to have some fresh air, stretch her legs and scratch around while we clean up her dog (I mean chicken) kennel. It is funny to watch her when we take her out each day. She doesn't understand she belongs outside. She tries to run back in as soon as we put her down, and waits at the back door when it's time to come in. She is a funny chicken, even if she doesn't understand she is a chicken.

Happy Rockett in her kennel. 

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