Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rockett and New Chicken incident

03-10-11 I'm finally catching up on posts, after being very ill. This is a quick update, one not for the faint of heart.

Rockett continues to heal. She is eating and drinking well. My son and I put her back in the bathtub today to clean her kennel out. She didn't enjoy being picked up but didn't fuss about being in the tub. It must have disturbed her to have her familair bedding changed because she didn't lay an egg today. At least she did continue to talk to us.

On a sadder note, our chicken Maude, became ill today with no advanced warning. My husband went to put up the chickens and found her wheezing and drainage coming out her nostrils. My husband made sure Maude was under a heat lamp and fresh water with antibiotics in it was available when he left. I asked if he wanted to bring her into the house to care for her and he was adamant one chicken in the house was enough.

A few hours later during the night, at my urging, my huband went out to check on her. He found her dead on the floor of the coop. We both were disturbed by the lost. We will miss her.


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